Box Styles

 When trying to find the perfect custom printed corrugated box, there are many different styles to consider. Click next to each style to find out more or visit our “Boxgeek Custom Box Builder”. If you do not see the style that fits your needs, then please do not hesitate to contact our experienced Customer Service Representatives.

  • Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)
  • Full Overlap Carton (FSC)
  • Half-Slotted Carton (HSC)
  • Design Style Tray (DST)
  • One-Piece Folder (OPF)
  • Five-Panel Folder (FPF)
 The RSC is the most common and economical box style used for shipping and storage. The outer flaps of an rsc box meet at the center of the box when folded.
RSC Box Example
 This style is similar to a RSC corrugated box; however, the outer flaps will fully overlap one another creating additional product protection and stacking strength.
FOL Box Example
 The HSC is similar to an RSC in that its outer flaps meet in the middle of the box; however, the HSC style of a corrugated box has only one set of flaps and they are usually located on the bottom of the corrugated box. A DST (Design style tray) usually accompanies a HSC as the cover and/or top. This design can be especially useful when bulk corrugated packaging is needed. (IE: Corrugated packaging for watermelons, cantaloupes, etc.)
HSC Box Example
 A DST is a corrugated box that comes in a top and bottom section. When put together, the two pieces fit over one another to close the box. This style of a corrugated box is successful when stacking multiple corrugated boxes on top of one another or when packaging large flat products that require additional packaging protection on the perimeter. We are very good at manufacturing this style of corrugated box especially when they are large in size.
DST Box Example
 The OPF is a corrugated box design typically used for flat items and/or narrow items. We are very good at converting these corrugated box styles because typically, we do not require corrugated tooling to convert the corrugated paper into corrugated boxes. Our competitors typically require expensive corrugated tooling to make this type of corrugated box style. The flaps of the corrugated box form the sides, ends, and top of the box.
OPF Box Example
 The FPF is a corrugated box design which allows the fifth panel to be used as the closing panel. This corrugated design allows a person to place the contents of their product directly in the bottom of their corrugated box and basically wrap the corrugated box around the contents. This style of corrugated box also offers additional protection in both ends as well as one side.
FPF Box Example