BoxGeek Custom Box Builder

 Please press start and follow the steps below to preview your custom corrugated box. An estimated price will be displayed as changes are made to the custom box. Once you have finished please press continue to submit a final request for quote.

 *The estimated price is not the same as a final quoted price. Box pricing does not include freight and other charges.

 **A one-time print plate fabrication fee is required for custom printing. Once your print plate is manufactured, we will store and maintain it for you for the lifetime of the print plate, so that any time you need custom boxes printed, we can do it immediately. This cost is only required once, and is not applied to subsequent orders for the same box.

  • Step One: Inside Dimensions
  • Step Two: Box Style
  • Step Three: Box Strength
  • Step Four: Box Color
  • Step Five: Custom Printing
  • Step Six: Quantity