Estimated Cost:
$2.58 per box
This price is only an estimate. Please keep in mind that the estimated price does not include freight and other charges. The final quoted price for the boxes is typically less than what appears here.

To request a final quote, please enter your email address. If this is your first time using the BoxGeek Box Builder, then you will be directed to the Registration page. Once registered you may request a final quote.
Inside Dimensions

Enter the inside dimensions of your box in inches.
Box Styles

Choose the Box Style that best suits your needs. A preview box will appear above to help you choose. Different box styles are better suited for different applications. If you are unsure, ask us for advice.
Box Color

Choose the outer liner color that will help your box stand out (inner liner is always kraft). Kraft Brown is the most common. Mottled White may require a large order.
Box Material

Choose the material that will provide the best protection for the items that your boxes will hold. This is also known as the test of the box.

Printing available in up to 3 colors. Print tooling fee applys based on number of sides printed and number of colors.
Minimum order of 100 boxes in most cases.

*The estimated price is not the same as a final quoted price. The final quote price should be very close, if not less, to the estimated price. If you have any questions, please call us toll-free at 1-877-226-9433.

**Please also keep in mind that we utilize the industry standard 10% over/under policy. Due to our sheet supplier’s production methods, we may receive 10% more or less of the sheets needed to complete your order. If it is 10% more, then you are required to pay for the overrun of boxes before we ship. If it is 10% under, then we will refund the underrun back to your credit card.